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Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and Quality Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks,
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Wall Clocks

It is amazing what a difference adding a single wall clock will change the look and feel of your favorite room in your home. We offer Large and Small, Chiming and Non-Chiming as well as traditional and contemporary designs.

Select from a category below. Hundreds of Wall Clocks all on sale today by Howard Miller, Hermle, Seiko and Bulova!

Battery Operated Pendulum Wall Clocks Key Wound Wood Wall Clocks This collection offers various styles of very affordable quartz driven movements.  Various styles and finishes to blend and compliment any decor. Perfect for family areas, kitchens and perfect for the office. Large Wall Clocks 

Quartz Wall Clocks

These clocks offer various styles of battery powered quartz driven wall clocks. Beautiful, accurate and modestly priced wall clocks for any room. The "home feel" of a swinging pendulum clock and chiming wall clock that can be quickly adjusted in volume to match the size of the room.  Many choices of styles, sizes and finish for any room all at very affordable prices.


Key Wound Wall Clocks

The Key Wind Clock collection of offers various styles of mechanical "Key-Wound" driven movements. Westminster chime movements with chime silence option for evening hours. Durable bronze bushings in some of the finest mechanical movements. These styles are available to complete, match any decor or just the right size for your room.


Traditional Wall Clocks

This traditional wall clock collection offers various styles of very affordable quartz driven movements.  Various styles and finishes to blend and compliment any decor. Perfect for family areas, kitchens or to make an impression at the office.

Large Wall Clocks

These large wall clocks are perfect for a room with high or Cathedral Ceilings. These wall clocks will create a new focal point for your room. Always measure your space as these clocks are much larger than most imagine.

contemporary and modern wall clocks Skeleton Wall Clocks Atomic Wall Clocks Digital Wall Clocks 

Contemporary Wall Clocks

These modern wall clocks are unique and tasteful. We will continue to expand contemporary selections as our factories continue to create new designs.



Skeleton Wall Clocks

Mechanical 8 day "Chain Driven" Wall Clocks with Bell Chime for the hour or half hour. Most have exposed movements. Perfect anywhere in the home or office. German accuracy operate much like a Grandfather Clock.




Atomic Wall Clocks
(radio controlled clocks)

Atomic clocks are the most accurate in the world. These wall clocks receive a radio signal from the most accurate clock in the world, the cesium atomic clock, transmitted from the National Institute of Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado.



Digital Wall Clocks

Digital clocks with LCD or LED displays. Some include calendar and time and temperature functions. Hybrid clocks with numeric and analog hands are also available here.




 other styles of wall clocks available:
non-chiming clocks  -  wrought iron clocks  -  antique style clocks
hanging clocks  -  schoolhouse clocks  -  digital clocks   -  regulator clocks


Wall Clocks for Sale

Store hours are 10:00 - 6:00 EST Monday through Friday and 10:00 - 3:00 on Saturday. Call us at 866-402-8714 with any questions as we are experts with every selection we offer.
Expert service at and all selections are at discounted catalog prices!


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