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Bulova WIFI ClocksMeet the next generation of intelligent timekeeping as only Bulova can do: Accurate time anywhere where there is a WIFI signal! There is a special code transmitted to every WIFI system in your home if you have in-home wireless internet. This code includes the exact time which might show up on your cable or TV box. Bulova now has a way for a clock to grab that signal in your home and display that time on a traditional clock with hands. This new technology will make the new "Bulova Connect" series clocks the most accurate and dependable ever. The exact time for everyone with accuracy to within 1 second every 24 hours which is autocorrected within that 24 period.

• LCD digital panel on the back of the clock confirms internet connection to International time servers.

• Password Protected, no need for any additional Phone App.

• These WIFI clocks automatically recalibrate every day between 3 AM–5 AM to ensure accuracy.

• Automatically adjusts for twice-yearly time changes, so you’ll never be late (or early) again!

• Your clock will NEVER be out of date as Bulova Connect is able to receive software updates automatically so that the software will never be out of date!

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