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Grandfather Clocks for Sale Grandfather Clocks, Classic  Wall Clocks & Mantel Clocks at Outstanding Prices

Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and other quality Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks, Weather Clocks, Curio Cabinets and Alarm Clocks all at Discount Prices!

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Retired Clock Listings:


Seth Thomas Bourne Weather Clock a

Howard Miller World Time II Wall Clock  a

Howard Miller Canton Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller 612-371 World Time Wall Clock

Howard Miller Athena 610-944

Gilbert Grandfather Clock 610-962

Seth Thomas Bourne

Demeter                   05-20-05

Copper                     05-15-05

Garrett                       03-10-05

Christina's Garden   03-05-05

Cape Calais  TM II     03-03-05

W. Wiggins Farm TM III   03-02-05

Executive Wall        03-02-05

Howard Miller Venus      03-02-05

Seth Thomas Bosley   03-01-05

Seth Thomas WGO2697

Seth Thomas Gothenburg

Seth Thomas Artic

Seth Thomas Nathaniel

Seth Thomas Bishop Anniversary Clocks

Seth Thomas Bierstadt Wall Clock

Seth Thomas Gardenridge Large Outdoor Wall Clock

Savannah Botanical Society II

Savannah Botanical Society

Howard Miller Romanos Market II

Perfetts Antique Christmas Clock

Pedron Vineyards II Antique Reproduction Wall Clock

Loricron 9759W Chiming Floral Anniversary Clock

The Lloyd Grandfather Clock

Lacrosse Radio Controlled Light Cherry Wall Clock WT3122J

Outdoor Atomic Clocks-Lacrosse Patio Weather Station Wall Clock

Hermle Model 70631-382200 Whittenburg Contemporary Wall Clock

Hermle Timestyle II 30453-382100 Contemporary Wall Clock

Hermle 22869-030987 Mantel Clocks-Hermle Skeleton Mantel Clock

Hermle Model 70712-032214-Hermle School House Wall Clock

Hermle Model 70752_032200-Hermle Moderne II Contemporary Wall Clock

Hermle Model 70752-382200-Hermle Moderne Contemporary Wall Clock

Hermle 22868-000987 Mantel Clocks-Hermle Glass Mantel Clock

Hermle Munich II 70665-380141 Contemporary Wall Clock

Hermle Munich 70665-090141 Contemporary Wall Clock

Howard Miller 645-650 Stone Arbor Table Clock 645650


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