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Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clocks

My clock says "Tempus Fugit" on the dial:
 Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit is Latin for "Times Flies" and is embossed on many dials of Grandfather Clocks. Tempus Fugit inscribed on the dial is no indication of any brand, model, quality or value of any clock. It is as generic as the numbers on the dial.

This is no indication of any brand or model name of any clock.

Most manufacturers in the 70s and 80s printed their dials like this. There is no way to indentify a clock by having Tempus Fugit printed on the dial. 

We have no way to identify older clocks.

A Very Low Priced Grandfather Clock Is Not Always A Good Value.

The three popular quality brands are Howard Miller, Hermle and Ridgeway with Howard Miller being the largest and the one of the three that build all of there own clock.

If you have seen a newer clock with Tempus Fugit on the dial, especially Grandfather Clocks online without much other identification of brand or a name you never have heard, it is probably a small inexpensive floor clock Made in China usually sold on Auction sites by home based auction sellers. These clock usually show a retail price of over $500.00, but actually should sale for about $200.00 or less.

We purchased on of these clocks to evaluate and they do look like the images we saw on the web, but much smaller as the bases are really small. If you walk across a normal floor anywhere near one of these clocks, the clock will rock back and forth. They should be using a wall strap as a child could easily pull it over. These clocks only weigh about 43lbs and are very top heavy. These are 31 day key wound clocks using an inexpensive movement with no access to the movement. The back is stapled shut, so the only access is to take the cabinet apart. The chimes are very poor and the chimes stopped working on ours after about a month.

The weights in the bottom weight only a few grams and are for decoration only. When you open the door to the top, we had to place our other hand on the cabinet to keep from pulling forward.   It would have been much better to have installed a simple battery movement instead of a mechanical movement for reliability.

If you are considering one of these clocks as a gift or as a family heirloom, you might want to consider a real Grandfather Clock. Real Grandfather Clocks cost more initially, but you will be much more pleased over the years and have a true heirloom that can be passed on for generations. 

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Cheap Grandfather Clocks

Beware of many cheap Grandfather Clocks as they are inexpensive, but will probably not meet your expectations. These may be sold under the names Windsor Grandfather Clocks, Polaris Grandfather Clocks, Kassel Grandfather Clocks, Edward Meyer Grandfather Clocks, Brookwood Clocks and Sylvan Grandfather Clocks.

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