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Hermle Keywound Westminster Non-Pendulum Movement

 Winding the clock

Please wind your clock fully every 7 days for optimum performance (the clock will actually run about 7 days on one winding). To wind the clock use the enclosed key. Turn key clockwise in all three winders until it stops. The center winder is for the timekeeping, the right winder is for the quarter-hour chime, and the left winder is for the hour strike. If the right hand winder is not wound, eventually the left will not function.

hermle westminster chime shut-off lever

chime shut-off lever

4/4 Westminster Chime Movement

Your clock chimes the Westminster melody every 15 minutes. The chime shut-off is located inside the back of the clock case at the right side of the movement usually with a red plastic bushing.

Lever up = chime

Lever down = silent



Setting the clock

The minute hand (long hand) may be moved clockwise or counterclockwise to set the clock to the correct time. Never turn the hour (short) hand, it moves automatically. After two hours the chimes will be automatically synchronized. It is best to turn off the chimes using the chime lever when setting the clock time more than a quarter hour.

hermle clock speed adjustment

Clockwise = slower
Counterclockwise = faster

Regulating the clock speed

The screw at the very top right is turned with a jeweler’s flathead screwdriver. Make only a small adjustment each time (about 1/16 of a turn).

Clockwise = slower

Counterclockwise = faster

To make the clock go slower or faster, turn the regulating screw that is shown in the upper right of picture backwards (counterclockwise)
If your clock is FAST, To make clock go slower: turn screw clockwise.




Thank you for your amazing service with our Hermle Clock

Hi Robert –

Thank you for your amazing service.

Jeri A. ,
San Jose, CA

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3 responses on Hermle Keywound Westminster Non-Pendulum Movement

    1. The movement in this clock cannot be adjusted to play the hour without the quarter-hour chime. This is true for current model mechanical movements of all brands.

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