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Howard Miller Westminster Melody Operating Instructions

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR  QUARTZ WESTMINSTER MELODY MOVEMENT PRIMARY SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Remove the cover (if any) from the back of the clock to reveal the movement battery compartment. BEFORE INSTALLING BATTERIES, SET THE TIME TO 5:50. Install three new, fresh “AA” size alkaline batteries in the battery holders according to the (+) and (-) symbols in the holders. Turn the TIME SET wheel so the hands are moving CLOCKWISE to set the clock hands to the […]

Operating Instructions for Bulova Connect WIFI clocks.

Bulova Connect WIFI clocks Features: Wireless WIFI connection Identifies the location and sets the accurate time, Based on Internet time servers anywhere in the world. User-friendly initial set up. Daily automatic time recalibration with internet time servers, Your clock will be accurate within 0.5 seconds every 24 hours.   A: LCD display     B: Battery compartment       C: SET button      D: + button    E: –  button        F: WIFI button G: RESET button   To Start the Clock […]

Bulova Christmas Clock Instructions

BULOVA OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS  For Bulova B1866 Musical Christmas Clock Features:  Plays 12 Christmas Melodies with Night Silence. Quick Start: 1) With batteries removed,  Set the time to 7:45 on the dial. 2) insert a fresh, good quality “AA” battery into the battery compartment of movement behind the hands and into two AA batteries into the battery compartment of the chime control box with the polarity as shown. 3) Set the time by turning the time […]

Rhythm Wall Clock Instructions

Rhythm Musical Wall Clock Instructions

How To Choose A Quartz Wall Clock

How To Choose A Quartz Wall Clock There are many types of wall clocks today from which to choose in all styles and price ranges. We will cover the different types of Quartz clocks to help you understand how they are made and the differences in design. Click the link if you wish to go ahead and shop our selection of wall clocks. What is a Quartz Wall Clock? Quartz wall clocks are the most […]

Aneroid Barometer Instructions

Your barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure or the weight of the air surrounding us. Variations in atmospheric pressure are usually an indication of a coming change in the weather. The barometric pressure generally indicates changes 12 to 24 hours in advance. therefore, we watch the barometer to anticipate and forecast, not as an indication of current conditions. Your barometer is an aneroid type. That is, it measures pressure mechanically, without the use […]

World Time Clock Insert – Changing the Battery

  Removing the World Time Clock Insert   The clock insert is then pressed into the hole and is held in by friction.            If the clock is new, the insert may be tight and harder to remove. The manufacturer understands that the wood will shrink some with time and want the insert to stay tight for the life of the clock.   If the insert is tight, pry the clock out with your […]

Hermle Keywound Wall Clock with Chime Instructions

Hermle Wall Clocks with Keywound 4/4 Westminster Chime Instructions 1) Unpack the clock Take the clock, the pendulum, and key carefully out of the large carton. Unpack the weights from the smaller carton. 2) Hanging the clock Hang up the clock so that it is vertical. The best hanger is a wood screw angled upward and screwed into a stud in the wall. 3) Attaching the pendulum Hang the pendulum onto the pendulum leader (see […]

Cuckoo Clock Manual

Instructions for VDS Cuckoo Clocks   Before hanging up the clock please carefully read these operating instructions. It is very important to apply exactly the procedure described therein. Unpack with care! When removing the clock from the carton please hold it at the roof, by no means at the carving. Also take out the loose accessories such as carved head-piece, pendulum, weights also Please do not open the small paper-bag fixed to the bottom of […]


INSTRUCTIONS FOR HERMLE MECHANICAL SHIP’S BELL CLOCK   8-Day Key Wind (this clock is wound once a week) UNPACKING THE SHIP’S BELL CLOCK AFTER SHIPPING. Take clock and key carefully out of the carton and place the key aside. Remove the round plastic access cover and carefully remove the rubber band holding the hammer. Remove any soft foam directly behind the round cover (if any). Replace the plastic access cover. WINDING THE CLOCK Please wind your […]

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