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Grandfather Clocks for Sale Grandfather Clocks, Classic  Wall Clocks & Mantel Clocks at Outstanding Prices

Grandfather Clocks by Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks and other quality Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks, Weather Clocks, Curio Cabinets and Curio Cabinets and Alarm Clocks all at Discount Prices!

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Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks by Howard Miller wall clocks are our most popular clocks. We offer all style and finishes in a variety of different types from Rustic to your traditional pendulum clocks.

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Traditional Wood Wall Clocks

Traditional wooden wall clocks where most of a battery operarted movement that will chime on the hour and most will also count the hour. various styles of battery powered quartz driven wall Beautiful, accurate and modestly priced wall clocks for any room. These clocks usually have movement pendulums and glass fronts where they may be seen.

Battery Operated Pendulum Wall Clocks

Traditional Key Wound Wood Wall Clocks

Keywound clocks are made much like the wall clocks made over 100 years ago where the clocks needed to be be wound once a week. Real chimes played by hammers that strike tuned chime rods are used for the Westminster melodies.

Key Wound Wood Wall Clocks

Traditional Wall Clocks

This traditional wall clock collection offers various styles of very affordable quartz driven movements.  Various styles and finishes to blend and compliment any decor. Perfect for family areas, kitchens or to make an impression at the office.


This collection offers various styles of very affordable quartz driven movements.  Various styles and finishes to blend and compliment any decor. Perfect for family areas, kitchens and perfect for the office.

Large Wall Clocks

These large wall clocks are perfect for a room with high or Cathedral Ceilings. These wall clocks will create a new focal point for your room. This category will offer Large and Very Large Wall Clocks.

Large Wall Clocks

Contemporary Wall Clocks

These modern wall clocks are unique and tasteful. We will continue to expand contemporary wall clock selections as our factories continue to build new modern wall clock selections.

contemporary and modern clocks

Decorative Skeleton Wall Clocks

Mechanical 8 day "Chain Driven" Wall Clocks with Bell Chime for the hour or half hour. Most have exposed movements. Perfect anywhere in the home or office. German accuracy operate much like a Grandfather Clock.

Skeleton Wall Clocks

Atomic Wall Clocks
(radio controlled clocks)

Atomic wall clocks are the most accurate in the world. These wall clocks receive a radio signal from the most accurate clock in the world, the cesium atomic clock, transmitted from the National Institute of Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Atomic Wall Clocks

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