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theclockdepot :: Instructions for Hermle Mechanical Wall Clocks

Instructions for Hermle Mechanical Wall Clocks

Instructions for Hermle Wall Clocks with Mechanical Hour and Half-hour Strike Movement W0141

Bim-bam or coil gong striking

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1) Unpack the clock

Take clock, the pendulum and key carefully out of carton.

2) Transportation securing device

Open door of case. Carefully remove the protective packaging such as foam rubber, corrugated paper, rubber bands, etc. You will find the material where the hammers are, underneath the movement as well as at the end of the pendulum leader and around the chime rods or gong. Save the packing in case the clock needs to be returned.

3) Hanging the clock

Hang up the clock so that it is vertical. The best hanger is a wood screw angled upward and screwed into a stud in the wall.

4) Hang the Weights

Please Hang each of the two weights on the "C" hook at the end of each chain. At the end of a 7 day period the weights may be raised by pulling the free side of each weight. The chain goes down while the weight rises back to the top.

5) Attaching the pendulum

Hang the pendulum onto the pendulum leader (see illustration 1). 6) Starting the pendulum Move the pendulum slightly to the left or right and release it gently. You should hear an even "tic - toc" sound. If the tic-toc is uneven or the clock stops, follow the "putting in beat" procedure in step 7.

7) Putting the clock in beat

Putting the clock in beat is the responsibility of the clock owner. While the clock was in beat when it left the factory, it may get out of beat during handling. It is a simple process, once you have tried it a few times. Putting the clock in beat is an adjustment to make the tic and toc evenly spaced. There is a slip clutch mechanism in the clock's escapement (the part that makes the ticking sound and operates the pendulum). The slip clutch is operated by pushing the pendulum leader slightly past the point where you feel a resistance. To put the clock in beat: Make sure the clock is hanging straight. Listen to the tic toc. Gently push the pendulum leader slightly past the point of resistance. Listen to the tic toc again. If it is more uneven, push the leader in the opposite direction and listen to the tic tock again. After several tries, you will be able to get the tic and toc sound to be evenly spaced, and the clock is then "in beat".

8) Strike

Your clock strikes once on each half-hour and strikes the number of each hour. There may be a strike shut-off lever located beneath the movement or outside the numeral 2 of the dial.

9) Setting the clock

The minute hand (long hand) may be moved clockwise to set the clock to the correct time. Never turn the hour (short) hand, it moves automatically. If the clock is striking the wrong hour, move the hour hand (short hand) to point to the hour that the clock just struck.

10) Regulating the clock

To make the clock run slower - turn the regulating nut below the pendulum to the left. To make the clock run faster - turn the regulating nut to the right. One turn of the regulating nut changes the clock's rate by approximately 1 minute per day. An accuracy of 2 - 5 minutes per week is typical.

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