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Grandfather Clocks: Quick Setup Guide

you may also download a printable PDF file by clicking here: grandfather clock quick setup guide

STEP 1: Grandfather clock box upon arrivalUnpacking the Grandfather Clock


Remove Contents To be removed in this order:
A) Top box containing Instruction Manual (most models)
B) A long cardboard box containing the pendulum
C) Your new Grandfather Clock
D) White styrofoam box containing Door Key (some models), Crank, and Weights








STEP 2: Level Your Grandfather ClockGrandfather Clock Levelers

Located on the bottom of the base near each corner are levelers that adjust up and down for maximum stability and proper alignment. Position your clock in the desired area of the room and ensure that your grandfather clock is stable, doesn't rock and does not tip over.








STEP 3: Remove Grandfather Clock Chime Rod PackagingUnpacking your chimes

Unlock and open the front door of the grandfather clock.

Locate the cardboard sleeve that holds the chime rod in place.

To remove, gently pull straight down at points A and B.









STEP 4: Remove Movement Packagingremove blue foam packing from behing the chime hammers

Side access panels may be held in place with a clip located on the inside of the clock. Turn the clip to release the side access panel.

To remove the side access panel, lift the panel up and push it in towards the inside of the clock and completely separate the panel from the clock frame. Tip the panel at a slight angle and pull it out through the side access frame opening.

Through the side access opening, gently remove the sponge foam pads from around the chime hammers.







STEP 5: Do Not Remove Styrofoam Blockskeep the styrofoam blocks in place

The white styrofoam clocks will drop and loosen during normal operation. After a period of 8 hours, the blocks will have loosened and may be easily removed.

Removing the white styrofoam clocks while they are held tight by the cables and pulleys can cause the cables to overlap and bind the movement.




STEP 6: Hang the Pendulum Hook the pendulum in the slot as shown.

Carefully unpack the pendulum.

Hook the pendulum in the slot as shown.







STEP 7: Hang the Weights Hang each weight on the pulley

Be sure the hook on top of each weight is tight by turning the hook clockwise. Hang each weight on the pulley in the proper position as shown.
Facing the clock, each weight is marked on the bottom Left, Center, or Right.





STEP 8: Set the TimeMove ONLY the minute hand counter-clockwise until the correct time is set.

Move ONLY the minute hand counter-clockwise until the correct time is set.
Do NOT move the hour hand to set the time.





STEP 9: Start the ClockPull the pendulum to the far left and release

Pull the pendulum to the far left or right and release. Start the swing.









STEP 10: Regulate the Timetime setting nut

If the clock runs too slow (loses time each day), turn the adjustment nut to the right.

If the clock runs too fast (gains time each day), turn the adjustment nut to the left.

Note: One complete turn equals approximately 1/2 minute per day.







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