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Cuckoo Clock Operations Guide

1- Introduction | 2- Parts | 3- Unpacking | 4-Operating instructions
5- Repair & shipping information | 6- Warranty


1. Gently unpack your clock (a), locating the pendulum (b), weights (c) and headboard (d). Your clock may or may not have a headboard and it may have two or three weights, depending on the model. Be sure to save the original box and packing material for future use.
Cuckoo Clocks - Setup 2. Place the clock face down. Open the back of the clock by turning the small metal latch (2a). Remove the back panel and pull the paper out from behind the spiral gong wire on the inside of the back panel (2b).
3. Gently slide out the two bellow clips (3a, 3b) at the upper inside of the clock and save them with the original packing material. Replace the back panel. Cuckoo Clocks - Setup
4. Turn the clock onto its backside. Push aside the wire lever (4) to unlatch the cuckoo's door, allowing the door to swing freely. The wire latch should remain affixed to the clock body.
Cuckoo Clocks - Setup Cuckoo Clocks - Setup
5. At the bottom of the case, you will see a paper packet which secures the clock's chains. Loosen and remove the paper packet, allowing the ends of the chains with the round brass washers to extend fully.

If there are knots in the chains, untangle them gently. Once the chains are untangled, keep the clock in an upright position to avoid their sliding inside the clock and off the sprocket wheels.

Cuckoo Clocks - Setup
Cuckoo Clocks - Setup 6. For maximum running time, hang your clock approximately 6' off the floor on a secure, strong nail or hook. At this height, the round chain ends should hang about 6" off the floor. Running time will be a full day or week depending on the clock mechanism.

If there is no stud behind the wall where the nail is to be driven, use a wallboard anchor (molybolt) or heavy duty fastener of the correct type for your wall. Picture hooks will not provide the necessary level of safety.

Make sure the clock hangs flush on the wall and does not lean forward.

Cuckoo Clocks - Setup 7. Attach the pendulum to the "U" shaped wire pendulum leader at the bottom of the clock (7a). Then attach the weights to the hook ends of the chains (7b).
8. Now mount the headboard if there is one.
Cuckoo Clocks - Setup

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