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WIFI Clocks – New Designs for Home or Office


WIFI Clocks



WIFI Clocks have been available for a while now but were designed for larger needs than a home and were quite complicated as well as expensive. A master controller had to send the signal to the clocks individually. These systems cost thousands of dollars.

Meet the first WIFI clock that is self-contained and can connect to your home or office network in minutes with password protection.

Insert the batteries and answer the questions on an LCD panel out of sight on the back and the analog clock hands will sync to your network and always display the correct time. The accurate clock motor will move the hands automatically to the correct time and change the time at DST.

• An LCD digital panel on the back of the clock confirms internet connection to International time servers.

• Password Protected, no need for any additional Phone App.

• These WIFI clocks automatically recalibrate every day between 3 AM–5 AM to ensure accuracy.

• Automatically adjusts for twice-yearly time changes, so you’ll never be late (or early) again!

• Your WIFI clock will NEVER be out of date as Bulova Connect is able to receive software updates automatically so that the software will never be out of date!

The code includes the exact time which might show up on your cable or TV box. Bulova now has a way for a clock to grab that signal in your home and display that time on a traditional clock with hands. This new technology will make the new “Bulova Connect” series clocks the most accurate and dependable ever.

The first three models include both home and office styling to complement any decor.







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