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Retired Clocks for 2017 – 2019

The following is a list of clocks that are retired clocks and no longer available for 2017 – 2018

Retired Clocks for 2017 – 2019


In Database


Seiko QXA393JLH    01-22-2018  03-01-2018 – one left IN STOCK


Out of Database


Howard Miller Wine Barrel 625-453 Wall Clock      09/23/2019

Bulova B9851 Centura Octagonal Crystal Desk Clock      9/23/2019

Bulova B1513 Hyde Park Tambour Chiming Mantel Clock      9/23/2019

Pre-Owned Sligh Aaron Willard Grandfather Clock      8/20/2019

Hermle Non-Chiming Anniversary Clock        9/23/2019

Seiko QXE056BLH Burlwood Desk Clock / Alarm Clock     9/18/2019

Ridgeway Belmont 2509 Grandfather Clock     9/18/2019

Howard Miller Zander II 625-617 Large Wall Clock     9/18/2019

Howard Miller Maxine 635-202 Non-Chiming Mantel Clock     9/18/2019

Howard Miller Drayson 635-201 Table Clock     9/18/2019

Howard Miller Callahan 635-159 Modern Chiming Mantel Clock     9/18/2019

Howard Miller Aston 635-184 Desk and Table Clock     9/18/2019

Bulova C4256 Espresso Quiet Sweep Solid Wood Wall Clock     9/18/2019

Bulova B2880 Camberley Mineral Glass Alarm Clock     9/18/2019

Ridgeway Nikolas 2573 Grandfather Clock     9/18/2019

Bulova B6217 Brookfield Bluetooth® Mantel Clock      8/7/2019

Bulova B5002 Obelisk Tabletop Clock      8/7/2019

Howard Miller Presque Isle 612-712 Weather Station      8/7/2019

Howard Miller Aviatrix 645-765 Desktop Clock      8/7/2019

Bulova B8120 Pedestal Alarm Clock      8/7/2019

Bulova B6215 Windswept III Sailboat Clock      8/7/2019

Bulova B5023 Colburn Desk Alarm Clock      8/7/2019

Bulova B1511 Thomaston Chiming Mantel Clock      8/7/2019

Howard Miller Montreal 685-106 Oak Wall Curio Cabinet      7/9/2019

Howard Miller Catalina 612-718 Weather Station      6/14/2019

Rhythm CMJ510NR06 WSM Senora Chiming Musical Wall Clock       6/10/2019

Rhythm 4MH861WU06 American Gala Small World Clock      6/10/2019

Rhythm 4MH830WD23 Enchantment Musical Wall Clock      6/10/2019

Bulova B1511 Thomaston Chiming Mantel Clock      5/21/2019

Seiko QXJ003BLH Tambour Mantel Clock      5/21/2019

Seiko QXE057BLH Designer Alarm Clock / Table Clock      5/16/2019

Rhythm 4MJ421WD23 Adore Motion Clock     5/16/2019

Howard Miller Kipling 611-206 Grandfather Clock      5/16/2019

Bulova C4817 Conductor Wall Clock     5/16/2019

Bulova B5009 Clarity Desk and Table Clock     5/16/2019

Howard Miller Elise 680-521 Curio Cabinet      4/2/2019

Howard Miller Celine 611-252 Corner Grandfather Clock      4/2/2019

Hermle Hartfield II 70736-I9Q Chiming Wall Clock      5/2/2019

Bulova B1532 Document Carriage Style Mantle Clock      5/2/2019

Bulova B1512 Exeter Chiming Mantel Clock      5/2/2019

Bulova B5014 Plymouth Desk Clock     5/2/2019

Howard Miller Triumph 645-763 Crystal Pyramid Desk Clock     5/2/2019

Bulova B5001 Archdale Aluminum Desk Clock     5/2/2019

Howard Miller Pierre 625-546 Large Wall Clock      4/2/2019

Howard Miller Brohman 625-618 Large Wall Clock     4/2/2019

Howard Miller Ceara 625-612 Large Wall Clock      4/2/2019

Howard Miller Rosario 625-443 Large Wall Clock     4/2/2019

Bulova C4372 Tephra Large Wall Clock      5/2/2019

Bulova C4107 Newington Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock      5/2/2019

Seiko QHE085KLH Zenith Alarm Clock    04-26-2019

Seiko QHL005SLH Get up and Glow Alarm Clock    04-26-2019

Seiko QXA627KLH Devon Large Wall Clock    04-26-2019

Seiko QXE026BLH Reproduction Table Alarm Clock    04-26-2019

Seiko QXG121BLH Time Zone Desk Clock   04-26-2019

Seiko QXM548BLH Dillon Musical Wall Clock   04-26-2019

Rhythm CRH227UR06 WSM Luminous Queen Mantel Clock 04-26-2019

Rhythm 4MH785WD18 Amazing Carina Small World Clock   04-26-2019

Jahre Contemporary Weather Center  04-26-2019

Howard Miller Loman 635-200 Non-Chiming Mantel Clock      2/19/19

Howard Miller Ardie 635-199 Rustic Mantel Clock      2/19/19

Howard Miller Joseph 610-892 Grandfather Clock      2/19/2019

Howard Miller Quinten II 611-218 Floor Clock in Satin Black      2/19/2019

Hermle 70700-Q10351 Highgate Keywound Wall Clock     2/12/2019

Howard Miller Beatrice 635-188 Quartz Mantel Clock     2/12/2019

Howard Miller Chancellor 680-503 Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet     2/12/2019

Howard Miller Vancouver 685-100 Cherry Wall Curio Cabinet     2/12/2019

Bulova C4848 Calendar Clock      1/24/2019

Bulova C4431 Edenhall II Pendulum Wall Clock      1/24/2019

Bulova B6124 Vacationer Quartz Alarm Clock      1/24/2019

Sligh 0577-1-CC Collins Triple Chime Keywound Mantel Clock     1/22/2019

Howard Miller Canyon 680-541 Curio Cabinet      1/22/2019

Weems and Plath 125S Single Wood Base for Endurance 125      1/22/2019

Seiko QXW233BLH Drifter Musical Mantel Clock       1/22/2019

Bulova B1531 Bristol Table Top Clock     1/3/2019

Seiko QXE050KLH Addison Black Alarm Clock     1/3/2019

Howard Miller Lancaster 620-132 Keywound Wall Clock     12/31/2018

Howard Miller Harding 611-248 Presidential Grandfather Clock     12/31/2018

Ridgeway Cabris II 2577 Corner Grandfather Clock     12/31/2018

Howard Miller Dorchester 625-410 Black Chiming wall Clock     12/20/2018

Pre-owned Sligh 0921-1-BL Spencer Grandfather Clock     12/20/2018

Bulova C3357 Canterbury Keywound Wall Clock     12/12/2018

Howard Miller Brookline 645-739 Glass Alarm Clock / Table Clock     12/12/2018

Howard Miller Olympia 612-721 Barometer, Thermometer and Hygrometer     12/12/2018

Rhythm CRH206UR06 WSM Marie Antoinette II Musical Clock     12/12/2018

Rhythm CRH215UR06 WSM Hamilton II 19 Inch Mantel Clock     12/12/2018

Howard Miller Sienna Bay 690-030 Wine Cabinet     12/6/2018

Hermle 70732-I92214 Timberlake Chiming Oak Wall Clock     12/6/2018

Howard Miller Parson 611-072 Grandfather Clock  11-29-2018

Seiko QHE101GL Engraved Desk Clock 11-29-2018

Seiko QHR025SLH RWAVE Atomic Alarm Clock  11-29-2018

Rhythm CRH215UR06 WSM Hamilton II 19 Inch Mantel Clock     11-24-2018

Seiko QXW218BLH Melody Mantle Clock     11-24-2018

Seiko QHR015SLH R-Wave LCD Atomic Alarm Clock     11-24-2018

Seiko QHL004KLH Travel Alarm Clock     11-24-2018

Pre-owned Sligh Estate 0902-1-CC Grandfather Clock     11-24-2018

LaCrosse 802-395 Executive Clock and Pen Set     11-24-2018

Howard Miller Corbin 625-383 Antique Reproduction Wall Clock     11-24-2018

Howard Miller Chesterfield 680-286 Cherry Curio Cabinet     11-24-2018

Bulova B5024 La Salle Desk Alarm Clock     10-17-2018

Bulova B6112 Clamshell WindupTravel Alarm     10-17-2018

Bulova B8128 Holgate Key Wind Alarm Clock     10-17-2018

Seiko QHE090SL Flashing Light Alarm Clock     10-17-2018

Seiko QHK031SLH Lauren Alarm Clock     10-17-2018

Seiko QHR024SLH Digital Perpetual Atomic Alarm     10-17-2018

Howard Miller Squire 625-627 Large Wall Clock     10-17-2018

Bulova C3514 Norwood II Chiming Wall Clock     10-17-2018

Bulova C4219 Carmel Quiet Sweep Large Wall Clock     10-17-2018

Hermle Buena Vista 70737-N92214 Banjo Clock     10-17-2018

Howard Miller Balto 625-567 Large Wall Clock     10-17-2018

Howard Miller Cleo 625-500 Chiming Wall Clock     10-17-2018

Howard Miller Cynthia 635-124 Chiming Mantel Clock     10-17-2018

Howard Miller Quinten III 611-219 Floor Clock in Gloss     10-17-2018

Bulova C4105 Alsace Wall Clock     9-19-2018

Hermle 70731-032214 Shenandoah Chiming Wall Clock     9-19-2018

Seiko QXA682BLH Natural Wood Quiet Sweep Wall Clock     9-19-2018

Howard Miller Ashby 625-648 Large Wall Clock     9-19-2018

Howard Miller Chesterfield III 680-287 Black Curio     9-19-2018

Howard Miller Cramden 635-195 Non-Chiming Mantle Clock     9-19-2018

Pre-Owned Howard Miller Elgin 611-190 Grandfather Clock     9-19-2018

Seiko QHE114KLH Brandon Stopwatch Alarm Clock     9-19-2018

Seiko QHE114SLH Justin Stopwatch Alarm Clock     9-19-2018

Seiko QHE123SLH Carmelita Bedside Alarm Clock     9-19-2018

Bulova B1533 Corsair Tripod Table Top Clock      8-30-2018

Bulova B1910 Strathburn Mantel Clock      8-30-2018

Bulova B6216 Merrick Mantle Clock      8-30-2018

Hermle Nautica 90003-000040 Ships Barometer     1-8-2018

Howard Miller Gerhard 625-502 Chiming Wall Clock      8-30-2018

Howard Miller Milo 625-604 Wall Clock      8-30-2018

Seiko QXM531ZRH Melodies In Motion Wall Clock      8-30-2018

Bulova B5013 Mirage Desk Clock   – 8-11-2018

Howard Miller Karisma 645-733 Contemporary Desk Clock   – 8-11-2018

Bulova B5025 Benjamin Alarm Clock   – 8-11-2018

Howard Miller Clare Valley 695-152 Wine & Bar Cabinet   – 8-11-2018

Seiko QXA628KRH Remington Modern Wall Clock     7-24-2018

Howard Miller Terance 611-240 Grandfather Clock  – 8-11-2018

Howard Miller Ansley 620-160 Schoolhouse Wall Clock with Chimes   6-19-2018

Hermle Bradbury 21136-740340 Keywound Mantel Clock 03-01-2018

Bulova B1656 Rowayton Tripod Chiming Mantel Clock     7-23-2018

Bulova B5008 Harding Desk and Table Clock     7-23-2018

Bulova C3735 Mariner Weather Station     7-23-2018

Hermle Contempo 01184-030451 Grandfather Clock     7-23-2018

Howard Miller Leydon 611-198 Grandfather Clock     7-23-2018

Howard Miller Presque Isle 612-712 Weather Station     7-23-2018

Seiko QHE081SLH Bedside Recordable Alarm Clock     7-23-2018

Seiko QHE102GL Brass Tabletop Clock     7-23-2018

Seiko QXQ032BLH Chiming Mantel Clock     7-23-2018

Seiko QXA314KLH Black Wall Clock       6-12-2018

Seiko QXA683SLH Round Silver & Brass Tone Wall Clock       6-12-2018

Seiko QXW217BLH Mantel Clock with Pendulum       6-12-2018

Bulova BU7910 Gimballed Nautical Clock       6-12-2018

Seiko QHL004SLH Travel Alarm Clock       6-12-2018

TimeWise Oxford TW15007 Satin Black Alarm Clock       6-12-2018

TimeWise Yale TW15003 Satin Black Alarm Clock       6-12-2018

Bulova B6842 Adamo Alarm Clock       6-12-2018

Bulova B6886 Olympia Alarm Clock       6-12-2018

Seiko QHE134FLH Carter Desk and Table Clock       6-12-2018

Howard Miller Madison 645-728 Table Clock       6-12-2018

Howard Miller Mission 645-729 Table Clock       6-12-2018

Seiko QHE132GL Quiet Sweep Alarm Clock     5-17-2018

Seiko QXM479BRH Town Square Melodies in Motion Clock     5-17-2018

TimeWise Antero TW13005 Antique Silver Alarm Clock     5-17-2018

Ridgeway Richardson II 9702 Oak Curio Grandfather Clock     5-17-2018

Seiko QHE116SL WTA Series World Time Travel Alarm     5-17-2018

Seiko QXH062KLH Chiming Wall Clock     5-17-2018

Bulova C4255 Cherryhill Quiet Sweep Cherry Wall Clock     5-17-2018

Howard Miller Obrien 625-317 Doubled Sided Clock    5-10-2018

Howard Miller Kenton 625-560 Wall Clock     03-17-2018

Sternreiter 1300 – One Day Musical Bird and Leaf Cuckoo Clock     4-26-2018

Seiko QXM345BLH Musical Wall Clock     4-26-2018

Seiko QXA667BLH Logan Round Wooden Wall Clock   03-14-2018

Howard Miller Kipling 625-576 Chiming Wall Clock     4-26-2018

Howard Miller Julia 680-592 Curio Cabinet     4-26-2018

Bulova Contemporary Weather Center     4-26-2018

Bulova C4645 Studio Contemporary Wall Clock     4-26-2018

Howard Miller Luke II 680-589 Red Curio Cabinet      03-01-2018

Bulova C4375 Zephyr Large Wall Clock  03-01-2018

Seiko QXA669LLH Bahari Wall Clock 03-13-2018

Seiko QXM259GRH Football Melodies in Motion Wall Clock     03-01-2018

Seiko QXE050BLH Ryan Oak Alarm Clock  03-05-2018

Seiko QXM539BRH Melanie Music in Motion Clock     03/28/2018

Seiko QXA393JLH Black Modern Wall Clock     03/28/2018

Seiko QHE129KLH Bedside Alarm Clock     03/28/2018

Rhythm CRH188NR06 Torino Musical Mantel Clock  02-16-2018

Seiko QXG126BLH Contemporary Desk – Table Clock   03-1-2018

Seiko QXK118KLH Twin Bell Quiet Sweep Alarm Clock   02-26-2018

Pre-Owned Sligh Aaron Willard Grandfather Clock     01-13-2018

Howard Miller Luke III 680-587 Blue Curio Cabinet      02-19-2018

Howard Miller Milo II 625-605 Wall Clock   02-19-2018

Howard Miller Cortez 625-409 Contemporary Wall Clock 02-19-2018

Howard Miller 695-082 Cornerstone Estates 02-19-2018

Howard Miller Saranac 697-002 Bar Stool    02-12-2018

Seiko QXA636SLH Hestor Wall Clock 02-12-2018

Seiko QXA634ALH Fleur Wall Clock     1-8-2018

Hermle 22518-I92114 Oak Chiming Mantel Clock     1-8-2018

Howard Miller Moss Ridge 611-214 Floor Clock    1-8-2018

TimeWise Collegiate TW13008 Antique Copper Alarm Clock     1-8-2018

Rhythm 4MH894WD33 Lil Bears Musical Clock for Kids Room     1-8-2018

Weems and Plath 201000 Atlantis Barometer – Thermometer     1-8-2018

Howard Miller Quinn II 680-599 Curio Cabinet    1-8-2018

Howard Miller Quinn 680-598 Aged Finish Curio Cabinet     1-8-2018

Howard Miller Gillian 680-603 Curved Glass Corner Curio Cabinet     1-8-2018

Bulova C4850 Metro II Wall Clock 12-18-2017

Seiko QHL014SLH Talking Alarm Clock 12-18-2017

Bulova C4373 Motion Large Wall Clock  12-18-2017

Seiko QXG130KLH Contemporary Clock, Pen and Business Card Holder 12-06-2017

Seiko QHE087KLH Flashing Light Alarm Clock 11-06-2017

Movado TCL136M Crystal Bow Clock 11-04-2017

Howard Miller Jacobson 625-509 Autoset Wall Clock     11-16-2017

Howard Miller Clayton 610-950 11-04-2017

Seiko QXA630ALH Contemporary Wall Clock     11/03/2017

Hermle 22973-Q32100 Calendarium Mantel / Desk Clock    11/03/2017

Seiko QHN006SLH Non-Chiming Anniversary Clock    11/03/2017

TimeWise Antero TW13006 Antique Bronze Alarm Clock    11/03/2017

TimeWise Harvard TW15002 Silvertone Retro Alarm Clock    11/03/2017

Ridgeway Zeeland 2285 Grandfather Clock  10-31-2017

Howard Miller Majestic 610-940 Oak Curio Grandfather Clock    10-31-2017

AC2AA AC Adapter  10-31-2017

Colibri Mens Pocket Watch     10/12/2017

Seiko QXG142BLH Jewelry Box Clock   8/16/2017

Hermle Emperor Series 09109WH0451 Antique White Grandfather Clock     10/12/2017

Howard Miller Harold H. Limited Edition 611-233 Grandfather Clock     10/12/2017

Howard Miller Isabel 625-290 Chiming Cherry Wall Clock     10/12/2017

Howard Miller Norristown 625-439 Chiming Wall Clock     10/12/2017

Howard Miller Rosewood 625-607 Wall Clock     10/12/2017

Bulova Newington C4107 Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock     10/12/2017

Sternreiter Ithaca Cherry Calendar Clock     10/12/2017

Seiko QHA004LLH Learn to Tell Time Children’s Clock     10/12/2017

Seiko QHE112KLH Techni Clock Radio Alarm Clock     10/11/217

Seiko QHE129WLH Bedside Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Seiko QHE139BLH Dawn Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Seiko QHE139ZLH Dawn II Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Seiko QHL062YLH Lunar Retro Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Seiko QXK118KLH Twin Bell Loud Alarm clock     10/11/2017

TimeWise Bell Ringer TW15009 Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Bulova B5026 Super Bell Alarm Clock     10/11/2017

Bulova B1998 Marlborough Chiming Mantel Clock     10/11/2017

Howard Miller Regis 620-502 Keywound Wall Clock     8/11/2017

Rhythm 4MH857WU02 Royal Brilliance Small World Clock     8/11/2017

Rhythm CMW901NR06 World Time Clock     8/11/2017

Howard Miller Allen Park 625-552 Wall Clock     8/11/2017

Seiko QXH061BLH Gabrielle Oak Chiming Wall Clock     8/11/2017

Howard Miller Norcross 695-111 Corner Wine and Bar Cabinet   7-31-2017

Seiko QHG033GLH Skeleton Mantel Clock     8/11/2017

Bulova B1843 Bramley II Chiming Mantel Clock  02-2017

TimeWise Collegiate TW13007 Brushed Silver Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

TimeWise Collegiate TW13010 Brushed Gold Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

TimeWise Crestone TW13001 Illuminated Black Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

Timewise Crestone TW13002 Ivory and Chrome Alarm Clock    8/11/2017

Timewise Monarch TW13003 Brushed Silver Alarm Clock    8/11/2017

TimeWise Monarch TW13004 Antique Gold Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

TimeWise Harvard TW15001 Bronze Retro Alarm Clock  04-03-2017

TimeWise Princeton TW15005 Satin Black Alarm Clock     8/11/2015

TimeWise Princeton TW15006 Silvertone Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

TimeWise Oxford TW15008 Satin Silvertone Alarm Clock     8/11/2017

Howard Miller Fables 613-239 Wall Clock  05-31-2017

Howard Miller Propeller 645-525 Wall or Table Clock   7/19/2017

Bulova B2634 Regent Carriage Desk / Alarm Clock   7/19/2017

Hermle Emperor Series 091081-90451 Cherry Grandfather Clock  04-03-2017

Hermle Emperor Series 091081-90451 Ash Grandfather Clock   04-03-2017

Weems and Plath 191000 Martinique Barometer / Thermometer 03-23-2017

KID KLOK System teaches young children how to tell time   7/19/2017

Accutex FA2412BLQ Battery Powered Military Time Wall Clock   7/19/2017

Accutex 12 Inch Battery Powered Commercial Wall Clock   7/19/2017

Accutex 12 Inch Electric Wall Clock   7/19/2017

Seiko QXA623KLH World Time Wall Clock  03-2017

Howard Miller Shannon 625-328 Iron Wall Clock  02-2017

Rhythm CMG982NR06 Admiral 22 Inch Large Wall Clock  05-22-2017

Bulova B8819 Tristan II Anniversary Clock    05-26-2017

Seiko QHG506GDH German Anniversary Clock   05-26-2017

Howard Miller Techtime IV 625-590 Atomic Alarm Clock  02-2017

Bulova B6843 Voyager Alarm Clock   05-26-2017

Seiko QHE115KLH Jourdan Alarm Clock    05-26-2017

Howard Miller Keane 611-222 Grandfather Clock   05-26-2017

Ridgeway Holland 2286 Grandfather Clock   05-26-2017

Pre-owned Howard Miller Shreveport 610-790 Grandfather Clock  05-26-2017

Howard Miller Melissa 680-567 Corner Curio Cabinet  05-22-2017

Howard Miller Curtis 680-561 Curio Cabinet  05-22-2017

Howard Miller Hyatt 645-662 Contemporary Table Clock   01-10-2017

Bulova B2626 Tolland Table Clock with Rotary Dial    02-13-2017

Seiko QXM450BRH Broadway Opening Dial Music in Motion Clock   03-22-2017

Seiko QXE047LLH Trent Contemporary Alarm Clock  03-2017

Seiko QHE041GLH Floating Dial Alarm Desk Clock  03-2017

Bulova B7766 Beth Sholom Alarm Clock  02-05-2017

Howard Miller Danwood 612-697 Chiming Wall Clock   05-22-2017

Rhythm CMJ377NR06 Colonial Chiming Wall Clock  05-22-2017

Bulova C4371 Oceanic Large Wall Clock  02-2017

Howard Miller Tennille 615-064 Quartz Floor Clock  05-20-2017

Bulova B1657 Woodbury Chiming Mantel Clock  05-20-2017

Ridgeway Martinsville 2505 Grandfather Clock  05-20-2017

Howard Miller Gerhard 635-164 Chiming Mantel Clock  01-10-2017

Ridgeway Burlington 2506 Oak Grandfather Clock 03-2017

Bulova C4102 Willow II Chinoiserie Wall Clock  03-27-2017

Howard Miller Presque Isle 612-712 Weather Station    10-17-2016

Howard Miller Orion 625-247 Wall Clock  01-09-2017

Howard Miller Kristyn 611-158 Floor Clock 01-09-2017

Bulova C4254 Sandhill Quiet Sweep Wall Clock 01-09-2017

Bulova C4469 Laurien Wall Chiming Wall Clock 01-09-2017

Bulova C4335 Warrick Chiming Wall Clock 01-09-2017

Howard Miller Newton 645-707 Photo Frame Desk Clock    01-28-2017

Seiko QXH058BLH Kingsbury Chiming Wall Clock   01-14-2017

Bulova B7655 Thayer Chiming Mantel Clock 01-09-2017

Bulova B1655 St. Louis Chiming Mantel Clock 01-09-2017

Bulova B1654 Stratford Chiming Mantel Clock  01-09-2017

Howard Miller World Time 645-600 Travel Alarm Clock  10-21-2016

Seiko QHL060WLH Aida Emergency Camping Alarm Clock     01-09-17

Seiko QHE039SLH Alarm Clock   01-12-2017

Seiko QHL062YLH Lunar Retro Alarm Clock 01-14-2017

Bulova B6112 Clamshell Travel Alarm  01-09-2017

Seiko QXM532BRH Melodies in Motion Clock  01-09-2017

Seiko QXM549SLH Lucienne Musical Wall Clock  01-14-2017

Howard Miller Horizon 645-712 Photo Frame Clock   01-04-2017

Seiko QXN219BLH Non-Chiming Anniversary Clock    01-04-2017

Weems and Plath 102B Endurance Double Base    01-04-2017

Seiko QHK031SLH Lauren Alarm Clock    01-04-2017

Howard Miller Crowley 625-399 Chiming Wall Clock    01-04-2017

Howard Miller Audrey 625-501 Chiming Wall Clock in White    01-04-2017

Howard Miller Rockwell 625-538 Large Wall Clock    01-04-2017

Pre-owned Sligh Laurel Grandfather Clock    01-04-2017

Pre-owned Charles R. Sligh Legend 0226-3-WI Tubular Chime Grandfather Clock    01-04-2017

Gold Pillar Sand Timer    01-04-2017