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Seiko QHR025SLH Setup Guide

These are instructions that will set up this clock if your clock is not properly receiving the signal for auto setup. This will make the clock function properly and if the radio signal is received later….great. If not, the clock will still operate very accurately. We are unable to give any help or instructions on this model beyond this help file.   Manually Set the SEIKO QHR025SLH Clock   To Set the DST and TIME […]


HOWARD MILLER MODEL 645-723  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS   STARTING Remove the plastic insulator extending out of the battery cover on the bottom of the clock. The batteries for the flashlight are located under the batteries for the clock. To activate the flashlight batteries, remove the battery cover from the bottom of the clock. Remove the two AAA batteries for the clock. Remove the plastic insulator tab. Replace the batteries for the clock according to the diagram […]

Retired Clocks for 2017 – 2019

The following is a list of clocks that are retired clocks and no longer available for 2017 – 2018 Retired Clocks for 2017 – 2019   In Database   Seiko QXA393JLH    01-22-2018  03-01-2018 – one left IN STOCK __________________________________________________________________________________________ Out of Database   Howard Miller Wine Barrel 625-453 Wall Clock      09/23/2019 Bulova B9851 Centura Octagonal Crystal Desk Clock      9/23/2019 Bulova B1513 Hyde Park Tambour Chiming Mantel Clock      9/23/2019 Pre-Owned Sligh Aaron Willard Grandfather […]


HOWARD MILLER QUARTZ ALARM CLOCK WITH ILLUMINATED DIAL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STARTING A battery is included with your clock. To start your clock: Open or remove the cover on the back of the clock Remove the plastic insulator [A) which is included to preserve battery life in storage. If the clock does not start, check that the battery is correctly installed and that the (+) and (-) symbols on the battery match those in the battery […]

Howard Miller Westminster Melody Operating Instructions

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR  QUARTZ WESTMINSTER MELODY MOVEMENT STARTING Remove the cover from the back of the clock to reveal the movement compartment.   Install three fresh “AA” size alkaline batteries in the battery holders according to the (+) and (-) symbols in the holders.   TIME SETTING Turn the TIME SET button to set the clock hands to the correct time. HOURLY STRIKE SETTING Slide the CHIME ON/OFF switch to the music note position. Press […]

New Wall Clocks by Bulova

New Wall Clocks Introduced at National Home Furnishings Market   New Wall Clocks by Bulova Bulova has introduced several new wall clocks at the Winter Point Market. All new round wall clocks include the Quiet Sweep movement which eliminates the “ticking” in a traditional clock. The second-hand moves in a continuous motion smoothly around the dial. Other new technologies find their way into these new wall clocks including dial illumination, Bluetooth capability, and non-ticking movements. View all […]

Always Use Duracell Brand Batteries in Chiming Quartz Movements

Applies to: Hermle Quartz Dual Chime Movements Kieninger Quartz Dual Chime Movements (used in Howard Miller Clocks) The above movements use two spring clips for the battery contacts. It is important for these to make good contact so your clock will run properly. Always use Duracell (standard “copper top” , not Procell) batteries for these movements so the negative contact clip may make positive contact across any part of the battery. The entire bottom of the Duracell is totally […]

Howard Miller 622779 Setup and Installation Instructions

622779 Setup and Installation Instructions The Howard Miller 622779 movement plays Westminster, Whittington, and St. Michael chimes on nine seamless, brass tubes with a selector lever on both sides of the clock case. *This clock is a tubular chime clock. If you were looking for a chime rod clock, follow key wound wall clock with chimes. Carefully unpack all four cartons. Remove all packing material from clock dial, lyre pendulum, chime tubes, drive weights, and clock […]

Howard Miller Radio Controlled Clock Operating Instructions

WHAT IS A RADIO CONTROLLED CLOCK?   A radio-controlled clock is a clock with an internal radio receiver that is permanently tuned to receive a special time signal transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) radio station WWVB, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The WWVB transmitter is linked to a cesium atomic clock, the most accurate timekeeping device in the world with a time deviation of less than one second in one […]

Changing the Battery In Your Clock Insert

A clock insert is found in many table clocks or desk clocks. These work well and create a design where the battery may be hidden inside the clock so there are no plastic or unsightly battery cavities directly on the back of the clock where they are in view. The back of this type of clock can look as nice as the front and be completely finished. These are made by taking the body of the soon to […]

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