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Grandfather Clocks – Set your clocks an hour back – A How To Guide

Grandfather Clocks – Set your clocks an hour back
Sunday, 11-07-2010

These instructions will work for most keywound or chain-driven grandfather clocks made in the last 40 years.

It is time again to set your grandfather clocks back an hour.

Take the minute hand (the long one) and move it back (counter-clockwise) one hour by rotating the hand backwards. 

If the clock chimes while you are doing this, it will not harm anything. If you feel any resistance on the minute hand, wait a few hours and try again. On many clocks when you move the minute hand back, the Grandfather clock will chime oddly for about an hour. This is normal. After an hour, the grandfather clock will sync itself and the chimes should be fine.


If by chance your grandfather clock is counting the wrong hour, ie: the clock counts 4 when the hands say 5:00 or some other time, follow the instructions below to correct the hour count on your grandfather clocks.

  • Wait for the next hour count on your grandfather clock.
  • Count the number of hours the grandfather clock chimes.
  • With your finger, move only the hour hand (the short one) to the number of the hour count. It doesn’t matter which way you move it.
  • Reset the time on the grandfather clock to the correct time.

Your grandfather clocks should now be in sync and chiming the correct hour.

***These instructions were written for grandfather clocks built since about 1980. Older grandfather clocks may need a different method of setting the time.

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