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New Howard Miller 2015 Models Introduced

The International furniture market was held in High Point, NC from October 18-23, 2014.  We are excited about many of the new clock models we experienced at the show. Howard Miller introduced the new Harold H. Limited Edition Floor Clock.  This unique grandfather clock will also be available soon in a tubular chime configuration. Each one made is individually numbered with an engraved brass plate located on the backside of the upper door rail. A unique glass panel […]

retired clocks – late 2013 – 2016

The following is a list of clocks that are retired clocks and no longer available for late 2013 – 2016 Retired Clocks for 2016   out of database Sternreiter Tristan Keywound Mantel Clock 09-19-2016 Howard Miller Ronan 680-601 Curio Cabinet    10-17-2016 Seiko QHK027WLH Bell Loud Alarm Clock  10-21-2016 Howard Miller Eclipse 645-740 Desk Alarm Clock  10-06-2016 River City 3416O Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock    09-06-2016 sligh-dorset-0943-1-CH-grandfather-clock.html  01-01-2014 Howard Miller Watkins 680-553 Contemporary Curio Cabinet  09-06-2016 Pre-Owned […]

New Howard Miller Steampunk Floor Clock

08-01-2013 Howard Miller Clocks has just introduced the new Howard Miller Ironworks 615-074 Quartz Floor Clock. Rustic, Steampunk styling in a radically new design grandfather clock. The large hour glass in the middle of the grandfather clock actually may be turned from the wheel attached to either side. Rustic , aged rusticated finish looks like old cast iron parts.  The dial is done in a dark, sandstone finish with metal numerals and three gears in the […]

New Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clocks from Howard Miller

Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks has released the new Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clocks. These will be the 87th Anniversary Edition models for 2013. The Baldwin 611-200 Grandfather Clock is a traditionally styled Grandfather clock in Cherry and the Browman 611-202 Grandfather Clock in Oak. Baldwin Grandfather Clock ~ The Baldwin Grandfather Clock 87th Anniversary Edition model offers a swan-neck pediment with a solid Cherry finial. The top is figured with an olive ash burl which has […]

American Made Wall Clocks

The Clock Depot offers a complete category of American made wall clocks. These are all wood Wall Clocks made in the USA.  Most are pendulum clocks with chiming features and are available as both quartz wall clocks and keywound wall clocks.  Most of these wall clocks are made in in Zeeland Michigan by craftsman that have built wall clocks in this same location over 80 years. The Quartz Wall Clocks made in the USA are those […]

New World Time Clock by Rhythm

Rhythm clocks has just introduced a new World Time Wall clock with clock faces for 5 times zones. There is a larger center clock face for the local time with a world map icon and 2 additional clocks on each side to display four additional times zones which may be displayed by city. The clock comes with over 37 brass plates already inscribed with 37 of the most popular cities across the world. There are also some blank plates for any additional cities not already […]

New Quartz Wall Clock with Real Chime Rods

Real Mechanical Chimes in a New Quartz Wall Clock Rhythm clocks has introduced a new schoolhouse clock with a battery operated, quartz movement that counts the hour using real chime hammers and chime rods.  Rhythm chose a traditional schoolhouse design in cherry with a hinged glass dial cover. The time can be adjusted by opening the hinged dial and moving the minute hand to the correct time without having to take the clock off of the wall. Large Arabic numerals with […]

Howard Miller 86th Anniversary Edition Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller grandfather clocks has introduced their new 86th anniversary grandfather clocks for 2012 . The Howard Miller Beckett 611-194 Grandfather Clock comes in Cherry and the Howard Miller Kinsley 611-196 Grandfather Clock is in Oak. Both of these grandfather clocks will have a special 86th anniversary edition inscription across the hemispheres on the moon dial. This inscription will appear only on clocks purchased through early winter of 2012. Both grandfather clocks offer some unique […]

The Clock Depot is moving Grandfather Clocks to new location

Moving to New Location in Durham We moved to our Chapel Hill Blvd address in Durham to expand the number of grandfather clocks we had on display. Now we need additional space. The Clock Depot will moving to their new 4000 square foot showroom in Durham, NC  in late 2012 where we will have over twice as much room to display grandfather clocks and we will stock over 2000 table clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks […]

New Presidential Series Grandfather Clock

New Presidential Series Grandfather Clock New Howard Miller Coolidge Grandfather Clock 09-13-2011 The Howard Miller has recently introduced the newest grandfather clock within their presidential grandfather clock series. The Howard Miller Coolidge offers many of the same features and styling as some of their more popular clocks on a much grander scale. This grandfather clock offers an all hardwood case with a dual door design, separate doors for the lower cabinet and dial. The dial […]

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