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Grandfather Clock Care for anyone who owns a grandfather clock

Grandfather Clock Care 09-08-2011 How do I prolong the life of my Grandfather clock? Usual care for grandfather clocks is to have the clock oiled about every five years. Oiling the clock takes expertise by removing the hands and dial so the front of the movement can be accessed to apply the special types of oils used to reduce the friction in your grandfather clock. Most quality new grandfather clocks will run about 20+ year […]

Grandfather Clocks: Features

Grandfather Clocks – Feature Sets Chain Driven Westminster Chime Clocks These selections use 3 chains located behind the door that are pulled down once a week to raise the weights that power the clock as they drop down during the week. The Westminster chimes will plays a few notes on each quarter hour and then play the 16 note melody on the hour, then count the hour. There is a lever on the dial to […]

Clock Owners Manuals

Clock Owners Manuals Updated 09-26-2019 We are starting to publish links to all of the clock and Grandfather clock manuals we have available on this page. Some of these publications are the original, factory manuals and many we have enhanced to make it easier to understand. We have also included many help files with information not displayed in the manuals to help you better understand and enjoy your clock.   Grandfather Clock Owners Manuals These […]

Hermle Keywound Westminster Non-Pendulum Movement

 Winding the clock Please wind your clock fully every 7 days for optimum performance (the clock will actually run about 7 days on one winding). To wind the clock use the enclosed key. Turn key clockwise in all three winders until it stops. The center winder is for the timekeeping, the right winder is for the quarter-hour chime, and the left winder is for the hour strike. If the right hand winder is not wound, […]

Chain Driven Grandfather Clocks vs Cable Driven Grandfather Clocks

Chain Driven Grandfather Clocks These clocks will have 3 chains, one for each weight. The weight on the right powers the Westminster melody. The one in the middle runs the time and the one on the left powers the hour strike and count. Over the course of a week, the weights will be dropping as they power the clock. At the end of a week the weights will be near the bottom and need to […]

My Grandfather Clock has Stopped, Can I Fix It?

Everything was fine until we moved the grandfather clock, Now my Clock has Stopped. While Grandfather clocks are misunderstood to be very fragile and delicate. Grandfather Clocks are actually very durable. When the grandfather clock is not working after a move, there are a few problems to look for that can be easily fixed. 1) Examine the dial on the grandfather clock and check to make sure the hands are not touching or hanging on any […]

Grandfather Clocks – Set your clocks an hour back – A How To Guide

Grandfather Clocks – Set your clocks an hour back Sunday, 11-07-2010 These instructions will work for most keywound or chain-driven grandfather clocks made in the last 40 years. It is time again to set your grandfather clocks back an hour. Take the minute hand (the long one) and move it back (counter-clockwise) one hour by rotating the hand backwards.  If the clock chimes while you are doing this, it will not harm anything. If you […]

Mantel Clocks – A Quick Guide

Mantel Clocks – Quartz Mantel Clocks – Keywound Mantel Clocks Mantel Clocks – Selecting a Mantel Clock There are two basic types of mantel clocks available today which are Quartz Mantel Clocks and Keywound Mantel Clocks . Quartz Mantel Clocks which are those that are battery operated and do not require any winding. These mantel clocks have become the more popular as they cost less and generally keep better time than a keywound mantel clock. […]

Grandfather Clocks: Setting The Time

  How to set the time on your Grandfather Clock   Setting the time on your grandfather clock is quite easy. The following instructions work on major brands made in the last 30 years or so. Most grandfather clocks have a Westminster chime that plays part of the Westminster melody on each quarter hour, then plays the entire melody on the hour, then counts the hour. To set the time, move ONLY THE MINUTE HAND […]

How To Regulate The Time Of Your Grandfather Clock

If your grandfather clock is running slow or fast, it is easy to adjust and regulate it. Changing the speed of time keeping is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk up or down. The pendulum disk is moved up or down by turning the adjustment nut. To slow the Grandfather Clock down, move the pendulum disk down by turning the adjustment nut to the left. To speed the Grandfather Clock up, move the pendulum disk […]

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