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Moving your Grandfather Clock Forward One Hour in The Spring

Daylight Saving Time Adjustment for your Grandfather Clock So it is time to move your Grandfather Clock ahead an hour for your Daylight Saving Time  Adjustment in the Spring. This is a quick maneuver to reset your time to daylight saving time in the Spring. DO NOT move the hour hand, it will automatically adjust as the minute hand is turned. 1) Move the MINUTE HAND forward to the next quarter hour and you should hear a click […]

High Torque Movement Installation Instructions for Large Wall Clocks

High Torque Movement Installation Instructions for Large Wall Clocks 1. Remove the paper backing from one side of the Adhesive Foam Tape (included) and apply to the front of the Movement. Then remove the paper backing from the exposed side of the Adhesive Foam Tape. 2. With the battery compartment in the UP position as shown, pointed towards 12:00 on the Dial, attach the Movement to the back of the Dial. 3. Place the Metal […]

Howard Miller Christmas Clock 625-424 Manual

NOTE: You must first remove the rear cover on model 645-424 to install the batteries and set the time. BEFORE INSTALLING BATTERIES: 1.  Turn the time setting wheel on the back of the clock, to set the hands are reading 6:45. 2. NOW INSTALL THE  3 “AA” size batteries in the battery holders on the back of the clock. Make sure the (+)and (-) symbols on the batteries match those in the holders. 3. With […]

Which is better: A Howard Miller grandfather clock or a Ridgeway grandfather clock?

Howard Miller Clocks vs Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Is the Howard Miller grandfather clock better than a Ridgeway grandfather clock? A while back the answer would have been a definite yes, but things do change. Ridgeway clocks were originally built by the Gravely Furniture Co in Virginia until sold to the Pulaski Furniture Co in the late 80s . The Pulaski Furniture Co was nearly a half-century old at the time. Howard Miller Clock purchased Ridgeway […]

Pendulum Clocks

There are two basic categories of pendulum clocks which are ” Keywound Pendulum Clocks” and “Quartz Pendulum Clocks”  Both feature the romantic swing of the traditional pendulum which adds movement and life to the wall where it hangs.  Pendulum clocks add life to the wall where they hang and accent the that area with a choice of styles and finishes to match your decor. Learn about Pendulum Wall Clocks Below: Keywound Pendulum Clocks These Pendulum Clocks are built with a […]

Quartz Clock Harmonic Movement Instructions

SETTING THE TIME Before inserting the batteries, adjust the time to 5:50 by using the Time Setting knob to rotate the hands CLOCKWISE. Install two “C” size alkaline batteries according to the +/- symbols in the battery holders. Set the time by using the Time Setting knob to rotate the hands CLOCKWISE. If setting the time for PM, make sure the hour hand passes through 12 o’clock noon until the desired time is shown. While setting […]

Adjusting the Pendulum on your Grandfather Clock

How to make your grandfather clock keep good time. Adjusting the Pendulum on Your Grandfather Clock How to speed up grandfather clock or slow down your grandfather clock. The pendulum length dictates how fast or how slow your grandfather clock will keep the proper time. If you take time to adjust it properly, the grandfather clock can keep exceptionally good time for a mechanical timekeeper. Most newer clocks use a metal pendulum which are very stable.  […]

The Interior Light of Your Grandfather Clock

This will be helpful to those who wish to repair or add an interior light to their grandfather clock. Most interior lamps are mounted at the top of the grandfather clock with the shade pointed downward. This illuminates the weights and the pendulum of the grandfather clock in low light. It is a nice effect. Begin by removing the glass access panel on the right hand side of the grandfather clock.   Side access panels […]

Chiming Owners Manual for The New England Company Clock

Chiming Quartz Movement Instructions 1. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS a) Release the pendulum guide (for pendulum movements only) from the transport-locking pin by gently pushing it sideways, allowing the guide to hang freely. Hang the pendulum on the pendulum guide. b) If the speaker is mounted directly to the quartz movement, the speaker will need to be temporarily removed in order to install the batteries. Grasp around the outer edges of the speaker with your fingers and […]

Sligh Grandfather Clock Setup

Printer Friendly PDF Version Setting Up Your Clock **If you are seeking a new grandfather clock, click “Grandfather Clocks“. 1. Unpack Remove contents from master carton: Pendulum – may be fastened to carton, or inside of clock cabinet (Fig. 1). Clock – Remove protective plastic bag. Parts Box – located under the grandfather clock; may contain cabinet key, winding crank or winding key, weights and a level, depending on model. Optional Parts may be packaged […]

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