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Howard Miller Quartz Clock With Rotating Pendulum And Hourly Melody

NOTE: There are TWO battery compartments located on both the back and bottom of the clock. SETTING THE TIME-  Refer to Figure 1- Back of Clock Remove the cover from the back of the clock case. Remove the battery cover. Install a fresh “AA” alkaline battery in the battery holder according to the diagram inside of the holder Turn the Time Set Button on the back of the movement to set the hands to the […]

Howard Miller Newton 645-707 Operating Instructions

                                                                MODEL 645-707  OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Button Functions [MODE] Changes the display mode. Display sequence is: normal display > time set > daily alarm  > birthday greeting  > countdown timer [SET]  In normal display mode: Switches between °F / C ° [SET] In set mode: Selects the hour, minute, year, month, and date for setting. [UP]  In normal display mode: Turns snooze function on/off.  In set mode: Increase values. [DOWN] In normal display mode: Turns music […]

Battery Operated Tide Only Clock

  GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE TIDES AND THIS TIDE ONLY CLOCK The primary controller of the tides is the moon, It circles the earth  twice in a period of 24 hours 50 minutes and 30 seconds, This period  of time is referred to as the” lunar” or ” tidal” day, The East coasts of North and South America and the West coasts of Europe and Africa follow the semi-diumal pattern of two high and two […]

Hermle Multifunction Clock Operating Instructions

HERMLE MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLOCKS – Nautical Clocks with calendar, day/date, month and moon phase This clock movement is used on Hermle table clocks and Nautical Clocks   Insert battery, (1,5 V lEG LR6) according to +1- (polarity symbols).   Setting the time: turn the hand setting knob (clock- or’ anti-clockwise) located at the back of the case (on the movement). Be aware of the 24 hour cycle for calendar, date and moon phase. The hands are […]

Howard Miller Chronometer Owners Manual

HOWARD MILLER QUARTZ CHRONOMETER ALARM CLOCK OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS STARTING A battery is included with your clock. To start your clock: Turn the two thumb screws (A) on the back of the clock and remove the rear cover. If the battery is already installed, remove the plastic strip, which is included to preserve battery life in storage. If the clock does not start, check that the battery is correctly installed and that the (+) and (-) […]

Bulova Harmonic Chiming Wall Clock Instructions

   – Chiming Quartz Movement Instructions SETTING THE TIME Before inserting the batteries, adjust the time to 5:50 by using the Time Setting knob to rotate the  hands CLOCKWISE. Install two “C” size alkaline batteries and one “AA” battery according to the +/- symbols in the battery holders. Set the time by using the Time Setting knob to rotate the hands CLOCKWISE. If setting the time for PM, make sure the hour hand passes through 12 […]

Bulova (Harmonic III Movement) Operating Instructions

Bulova Quartz Chiming Movement Your new Bulova quartz clock incorporates a timekeeping  principle, engineered to provide the highest timing  standards in a clock designed for consumer use.  Its timekeeping element is exactly controlled by a vibrating  quartz crystal driven by the energy from a standard battery  by means of an electronic circuit.  The vibratory motion of the quartz is converted into rotary  motion, to turn the time-of-day hands by a simple and  reliable mechanism. Manufactured […]

Owners Manual for Hermle 2114-2015 Chiming Quartz Movement

Quartz movement-  Westminster / Bim Bam Chime   Implementing Set Time to 12:05 with the time set wheel in the back of the clock moving the hands clockwise. Insert 2 new Duracell “C” Batteries and 1 “AA” (1,5 V) Alkaline battery according to the correct polarity +/-  symbols. No battery is needed for the right hand cavity. Set Time with hands moving clockwise with the time setting wheel ‘C’ until the correct time is reached. […]

Instructions for Hermle Mechanical Ship’s Bell Clock

Instructions for Hermle Mechanical Ships Bell Clock 8-Day Key Wind   1) Unpack the clock Take clock and key carefully out of carton. 2) Transportation securing device Open the back of the clock (either remove the round plastic cover or open the sliding door). Carefully remove the rubber band holding the hammer. Close the back of the clock. Open the font of the clock and remove tissue paper (if any) from the hands. 3) Winding […]

How to Move Your Grandfather Clock

How to Pack my Grandfather Clock for Moving. Follow these easy steps and you are on your way to moving your Grandfather clock. Always start with the weights down about 3 – 4 days of the move. You will need gloves, scissors, newspaper, painters tape, packing tape, a large blanket and about 40 minutes. ______________________________________________________________ 1. Open the side access window (if any) and move them to a safe place where you may not step […]

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